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Hello, my name is Tristan Balanger. I am 20 years old and live in Ronse. As a preparatory education I followed Electricity-Electrical Electronics at the Sint-Bernardusschools in Oudenaarde.

Then I started the Multimedia and Communication Technology (MCT) course at Howest in Kortrijk. I follow this direction because I am very passionate about the artificial intelligence.


MCT or multimedia and communication technology is a practical computer science course that focuses primarily on the new IoT generation. The training starts first with a very extensive basis. You can then choose from four outflow profiles to further expand your knowledge.


When people ask me what their personality is, I have no idea how to answer this question. So I did a personality test on


To keep you up to date on what i am doing I'm writing about it. So you can learn more about it


MCT stands for Multimedia and Communication Technology.
It is a professional bachelor of 3 years and can be followed at HOWEST ( in Kortrijk.

In the first and partly 2nd year every MCT student has the same subjects, to create a thorough basis.
In the 4th semester you choose a specialization between 4 outflow profiles, namely:

- Smart Tech & AI Creator
- Web App Developer
- AI Engineer
- IoT Infrastructure Engineer.

Want to see more? Go to my school website to learn more about MCT!


I see myself as a very calm person who is always open to learn new things.
I also think it is very important to learn from mistakes and thus expand my knowledge.
As a person I am always open to help other people and to share my knowledge.

My negative point is procrastination,
sometimes I want to do something and always try to move it to a later date.
This is a point I want to work on in the future

According to the test, I am an adventurer



For project 1, Thomas De Decker has agreed to be my sparring partner. You can find his portfolio at


For project 1, I made a project that you can find on instructables

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The experience

For our project, we had to realize our idea that was approved in 3 weeks to be able to present it for our poster fair. My focus was on presenting a finished product that also fully worked. Had already looked up some information so that I would know how to get started and what the difficult parts were.

Looking back

In preparation for my project, I had a fair amount of time to prepare anything and everything to simplify my project weeks. Had I realized this before, I would have used much more of that free time to work on my project. But unfortunately I did not do this, the fact that a pandemic is going on helped even less.

The project weeks had finally started and I thought “I can do it here”. How wrong I was. Week 1 started off quietly and went along with all of the deadlines beyond 1 or 2 cases I submitted a little later. Had some trouble but nothing too bad. It wasn't until weeks 2 and 3 that I realized I had way too much work and my project couldn't finish how I wanted it.

This problem was new to me, I had no idea what to do and made very slow progress. In the end I booked a few consultations, asked my sparring partner and fellow students for help but nothing turned out to work. I finally opted to take a day off from my project because I really didn't like it anymore. It eventually became a few where I just felt mentally and physically ill.

In the end I thought about just doing my best to get a working project with the help of my sparring partner and a few fellow students I started working on my project again. It has taken some time to get everything working and to this day it is not yet fully what my idea was but it is a project that I have created and working and I can be proud of that. Learned a lot from these project weeks which will stay with me more than some of the lessons of this semester.

My project will probably not be finished by the deadline, but I have motivation to finish it in my spare time because I want to use this project for my own use.


I was a perfectionist by nature but have learned that this is not the best thing there is because I was constantly stressed when something went wrong. I finally unlearned this and feel that it is better for myself too.

Instead of feeling angry or disappointed now, I prefer to calm down to take a long or short break from it and then come back to it.

For the majority of the project, I had enough time for the project weeks to actually sort out a lot of things or to look up so that I had no problems during my project weeks.

I asked a fair amount of help from my sparring partner and found that this also helped me during my moments of dip.

It was not so bad because I know what I have to do to bring this to a better end next time.

Action alternatives

In order to deal with this problem better, I would do some more preparation and research work in advance so that I know that everything will be finished. And not with a 3 week long depression running around.

In addition, in the future I would consult more help from a teacher so that I do not waste hours figuring it out myself and only half work.

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  • +32491335625
  • Graaf Karel de Goedelaan 5, 8500 Kortrijk

I typically reply to all email inquiries within 24 hours.

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